Transportation & Accommodations

Choose event locations and accommodations based on your participants’ needs – If your conference or event attendees are predominantly UCLA staff, faculty, or students, hold your event on campus. Campus attendees will save gas and wear and tear on their vehicles.

Hold events in locations that minimize travel – Airplanes and cars are big greenhouse gas emitters. Provide shuttle service or carpool options if your event is far from campus.

 Always encourage public transportation – Provide information to your participants about public transit options, such as:

Support zero emission transportation – Encourage participants to walk or bike to the event by making your venue easily accessible by foot or bicycle and provide access to secure bicycle storage and/or racks.

Limit car rental usage – Encourage participants to carpool or take public transportation. If rental cars are necessary, request that guest use hybrid or electric vehicles.

Schedule events during off-peak traffic hours – Idling in heavy traffic congestion is a gas guzzler. If your guests need to drive to your event, schedule it during off-peak times like late morning or early afternoon. 

Choose sustainable accommodations – Encourage guests to utilize University accommodations. For suggestions, logon to UCLA Conference Services or stay at an eco-friendly hotel near campus.