General Suggestions

Be realisticIt’s not always easy or reasonable to implement everything listed in this guide. But start with ideas that are easiest for you to execute and as you go forward and plan more events, add additional sustainable elements to each new event.

Make a commitmentAdvertise your event as a sustainable one! Let your participants know that you are committed to hosting an environmentally sound event. Then, wow them with an amazing green event.

Choose products that are recyclable or reusable – Think about sustainability before you place supply orders. Choose products that can be recycled, reused, or produced in a green way.

Utilize natural light – Hold events during daylight hours and in locations that can be lit naturally.

Avoid midday events indoors – Energy demand is highest during afternoon hours and since the UCLA Cogeneration Plant does not provide all the energy needed by the campus during the day, extra energy is supplied by Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, which includes coal power. Using energy at peak times is also more expensive than at other times of the day.

Make sustainable choices for temporary power needs – Consider using a bio-diesel generator instead of a propane or regular diesel generator. For assistance in locating an eco-friendly generator, contact the Events Office.

Thank your participants for contributingLet your guests know they are part of something special!

Share your success – Share your success stories with us so that we can feature them here on our website. Not only will your event stand out as unique, other event organizers will be inspired to go green as well!