Centerpieces – Use live herb, plant, or uncut floral centerpieces that can be offered to guests at the end of the event (suggest planting them at home!).  Again, we encourage you to purchase locally grown flowers or use decorative water and stone vases for centerpieces. Other options include fresh fruit that guests can eat or a basket of promotional giveaways that guests can take with them as fun party favors.

Lighting – Use LED lights to light your event when possible. Minimize the use of petroleum-based candles and instead use beeswax candles. Better yet, use battery operated votives as they are not only reusable, but meet fire code safety standards.

 Linens – For table tops, use linens if possible. If you are renting from a catering company, check with the vendor to make sure linens are cleaned using environmentally friendly products. Do not use plastic table linens or disposable placemats. If you must use single-use table covers, use unbleached butcher paper which is compostable and can be fun for your guests to decorate.

Decorations – Limit the use of balloons as they are not biodegradable. Instead use banners, flags, ribbon streamers, paper pom-poms, or paper lanterns. If you want to avoid disposable decorations, ask local vendors or schools to donate artwork and then offer the artwork to guests at the end of the event.

Reuse material – Take advantage of materials, centerpieces and signage that you can use again for future events.